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July 28th, 2016

#DemsInPhilly Day 4: Lady In A Cage – The Obama Third Term

Update II: John Lennon reviews the Dim convention and Obama’s Third Term:

We know the real reason why the caged bird sings. We explain below.


Update: Two police officers shot in San Diego overnight. The Dims in Pennsylvania celebrated the thug sons of the irresponsible “Mothers of the Movement“. That’s why Dims lose and Donald J. Trump increases support.


Tonight it happens, the Shield Maiden of Chappaqua crawls into a cage to sing for her bird seed.

Trump hater Ben Shapiro updates our “Shield Maiden” arguments we made long ago, although he is wrong about one thing. It was purposeful, not accidental:

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton

She’s forced to defend his legacy and his happy talk. But Americans aren’t happy. Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. [snip]

A majority of Americans think Trump is running to help America. They think Hillary is running to help Hillary. That’s Hillary’s fault. But more important, it’s Barack Obama’s fault, and the Left’s fault.

Barack Obama has been a highly unsuccessful president by any objective measure. His foreign policy has led to the single most explosive rise in terrorism since the empowerment of al-Qaeda in the late 1990s by Hillary’s husband. His last two years have been plagued by a national increase in violent crime, particularly murder in major cities. The economy has continued to stall under his redistributionist, anti-capitalist watch.

And the Democrats have paid the price. The media that built Obama into a godhead for racial progress couldn’t abandon Obama; instead, they kept happy-talking their way through an increasingly dystopian America. So did Obama’s fellow Democrats. The result: massive Republican gains at the state and local level, and historic elections in 2010 and 2014 in Congressional races.

The media still can’t escape the Obama trap. When Donald Trump rightly pointed out a series of problems facing America at home and abroad, ranging from rising crime and economic malaise to the rise of jihadism, the media and the Obama administration responded by pooh-poohing Trump’s critique. No, they said, Trump’s wrong: Everything’s hunky-dory. He’s just being too “dark.” Except he isn’t. And Americans know that. Hillary knows it too, but she’s stuck in a bind.

Obama trapped her. Early in her campaign, Hillary seemed to want to break with Barack Obama’s presidency. She recognized that while Obama was personally popular, his tenure had largely been seen as a failure by a dissatisfied American republic. She therefore pursued twin goals: tying herself to Obama’s “first black president” legacy and big-government growth, and avoiding the consequences of his rotten decision-making.

By first delaying a decision from Vice President Joe Biden about whether Biden would run, the Obama White House forced Hillary into full-scale obeisance to the Obama era. That’s been disastrous for Hillary. Her convention week has completely ignored the serious problems that keep most Americans up at night. There have been five jihadist attacks in Europe in the last eleven months. On the first day of the convention, 61 speakers mentioned ISIS precisely zero times. That same day, ISIS beheaded an 86-year-old priest in Normandy, France. Over the past few weeks, Americans have mourned over a wave of anti-cop massacres. So Hillary is now trotting out the “Mothers of the Movement” — Black Lives Matter activists including the mother of attempted cop-killer Michael Brown — to promulgate myths about police racism.

Hillary doesn’t take Americans’ concerns seriously. She doesn’t feel their pain.

We warned about all that long ago, well before it happened. Hillary2016, before there was a Hillary2016, we warned was a “muddled message mess”. The future Hillary2016 was a “muddled message mess” because Hillary could not decide whether to be a free and independent woman leading the Democratic Party back to sanity (as Bill Clinton temporarily did in the 90s) or a trapped bird in a gilded cage singing sweet songs for her tormentors. The tormentors have won.

Trump hater Ben Shapiro, even in his severe state of befuddled Trump hate, cannot help but see the obvious:

Now, Hillary believes that she can succeed by labeling Trump arrogant and self-centered. But Americans already know he’s arrogant and self-centered. They think he’s out to help blue-collar Americans, that he’s ready to protect them from the vicissitudes of the global economy and the evils of crime. Americans have no idea why Hillary Clinton is running.

This they do know: She doesn’t share their priorities.

But she’s trapped now. Barack Obama is her greatest asset, but he’s also her greatest liability. When Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention to the plaudits of the media, she painted a rosy picture of America. Hillary’s going to have to do the same in order to defend the Obama program. But that program means nothing without Obama at the head of it, as former majority leader Harry Reid and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi have found out. In the end, that could be Obama’s final revenge on Hillary: not helping to deny her the nomination, but forcing her to go down fighting for his priorities, even as the American people increasingly come to believe she doesn’t care about theirs.

The convention in Philadelphia this week has been a disaster for Hillary Clinton because it was a rally for Obama politics and for Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Desperately trying to make lemonade with rotted lemons, Noah Millman invented strengths from weaknesses in Bill Clinton’s speech this week:

Hillary Clinton is going to lose the states of Appalachia by overwhelming margins, likely by larger margins than even Obama did — and Obama, in his 2008 landslide, lost them by larger margins than John Kerry did in his 2004 loss. But these voters don’t just live in Kentucky and Tennessee, but in states Clinton needs to win, like Pennsylvania and Ohio. To win decisively, Clinton needs to maintain or increase the turnout among non-white voters, achieve a historically high percentage for a Democrat of white college-educated voters (which she may well do). But she also needs to limit the gains Trump makes among white non-college educated voters. This kind of language is what can help with the last goal, the one she’s having trouble with.

As we wrote in October of last year, those voters are lost to Hillary Clinton because she willingly walked away from them and Donald Trump wooed them equally willingly. The Hillary voters that most supported her in 2008, Hillary Clinton walked away from. She left them.

She left you.

Trump hater Karl Rove:

Speeches Wednesday by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were equally unlikely to help Mrs. Clinton. Instead they added to the impression that she represents a third term for their policies, especially as far as they extolled their administration’s record. The more they claim the economy is good, the country strong, and the world safe, the more disconnected they appear to swing voters.

The White House is telling reporters the president will actively campaign for Mrs. Clinton and Democratic candidates, raising funds starting next week and traveling throughout October. This will only reinforce that the race is a choice between the status quo with Mrs. Clinton and change with Mr. Trump.

Long before there was a Hillary2016, in 2013, we warned this was to be a “change” election and that “stay the course” was a fatal trip. Hillary Clinton chose fatality. So now, years after our repeated warnings, now, the Hillary campaign somewhat awakes, in the cage, to the ugly reality of 2016:

Dems fear Trump arguments on terrorism

Terrorism had hardly been discussed publicly at the Democratic National Convention — until Wednesday night’s series of national security speeches — but in private settings, fears about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s use of the issue circulated among the party’s elite.

Noting polls that show Trump has a significant edge with voters on issues of national security and terrorism, Democrats worry he could defeat Hillary Clinton with the argument that the Democratic nominee and her party have been too passive in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

A major domestic terrorist attack on the homeland, or even the continued steady drumbeat of foreign beheadings and suicide bombings, could be all that Trump needs to win the presidency, many top Democrats fear.

Now they worry. An Obama Third Term is not wanted.

Donald J. Trump sees, and seizes, the issue:

At Hillary Clinton’s convention this week, Democrats have been speaking about a world that doesn’t exist. A world where America has full employment, where there’s no such thing as radical Islamic terrorism, where the border is totally secured, and where thousands of innocent Americans have not suffered from rising crime in cities like Baltimore and Chicago.

In the Democrats’ fantasy world, there is no problem with Hillary Clinton maintaining an illegal, exposed server full of classified information that could have been hacked by any foreign enemy, and in which Hillary Clinton risked prison time to delete 33,000 emails that were simply about yoga and wedding planning. In this world, there is no Hillary Clinton disaster in Syria, Libya and Egypt, ISIS doesn’t merit a mention, Iran isn’t on the path to nukes, convention stages don’t need American flags, and our great men and women of law enforcement, our police, do not need to be honored.

I propose a different vision for America, one where we can break up Washington’s rigged system, and empower all Americans to achieve their dreams. In our vision, we will put America First.

If we deliver this change, the future is limitless and we will Make America Great Again for everyone.

The voters most loyal to Hillary Clinton in 2008 have been abandoned by Hillary Clinton:

Why These Union Members and Lifelong Democrats Are Voting Trump
Their national unions have endorsed Hillary Clinton, but some members say they’ll pull the lever for Trump, who’s promising to bring back American manufacturing and get tough on China.

David Kemper and his wife are union members and lifelong Democrats. But the Kempers and their 20-year-old son, Nicholas, are planning to vote for Donald Trump in November. [snip]

“I’m in the CWA, my wife is American Federation of Teachers, but we felt like the unions have left us, too,” said David Kemper.

The split between labor leaders and union members lies at the center of Trump’s potential path to the White House, which includes winning over a swath of Rust Belt states from Pennsylvania to Ohio, thanks to his cross-party appeal among traditionally Democratic union workers. [snip]

In six polls conducted this month, Trump leads Clinton, 58 percent to 30 percent, among white voters without a college degree, a major improvement over Mitt Romney’s performance four years ago, according to a New York Times analysis.

On an individual personal level, it rarely takes much time at a Trump or RNC event these days to find union members like the Kempers in Cleveland ready to vote against Clinton and the Democrats and their own union leadership, by casting a vote for Trump.

When you leave the voters, the voters leave you. An Obama Third Term strategy is an abomination. But that is the fatal path Hillary Clinton has chosen.

We frequently hear the argument that Hillary Clinton is lying with great skill– as a reason to vote for her. The lie is that ‘Hillary runs as the Obama Third Term but once in office Hillary Clinton will be anything but an Obama Third Term’. It’s a defense of a lie that does not persuade.

A vote for an Obama Third Term candidate is a vote for an Obama Third Term, for a system rigged by the political class – that cannot be denied. If a President Hillary Clinton ever tried to escape from the Obama Third Term cage, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will pounce like jackals against a canary.

Hillary Clinton is that canary. Hillary Clinton put herself into a cage surrounded by jackals. The cage won’t protect Hillary. An Obama Third Term will devastate America.

July 27th, 2016

The Mark Of Kaine: #SystemRigged #DemConvention

Update II: The Donald J. Trump prebuttal to Obama and the Obama Third Term:


Update: It’s all about the Benjamins. Pay to play. A new Wikileaks release:


Is the #SystemRigged? Tim Kaine received an $18,000 Caribbean vacation for free and legally. Is the #SystemRigged? How many free $18,000 vacations have you received for free? Is our political class “crooked”? Is the #SystemRigged to benefit the political class overlords at the expense of the taxpayer citizens? You betcha!

Former Governor, current U.S. Senator, promoted to candidate for Vice President, Tim Kaine, will speak tonight to the Dims in convention. Tim Kaine won’t speak about the corrupt, rigged system, because Tim Kaine is a beneficiary of the corrupt, rigged system:

WASHINGTON — Barr Pharmaceuticals gave Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia a ride on a private jet to a meeting in Aspen, Colo., at a time in 2006 when it was lobbying him over issues related to its drug sales, state records show.

Dominion Resources, Virginia’s largest electric utility and a lobbying force in the state’s capital, Richmond, picked up the tab for a trip that Mr. Kaine took that same year to the college basketball Final Four tournament (and a funeral) in Indianapolis, according to the records.

McCandlish Holton PC, a law and lobbying firm that represented Virginia’s small vineyards and worked closely with Mr. Kaine’s office to create a new system for distributing wine produced by the vineyards, presented Mr. Kaine with four cases of wine in 2007, the records show, the same year he signed the legislation into law.

Under Virginia’s lax ethics rules at the time, the gifts, which had a total value of more than $160,000, were all legal as long as they were disclosed.

Is the system rigged? Picture yourself with a mask on as you rob a bank. After the robbery you disclose you are the criminal. No problem, keep the money, you disclosed your crime. System rigged.

Donald J. Trump says the system is rigged. Hillary Clinton does all within her power to prove Trump correct with her choice of Tim Kaine:

It would be naïve to think a pharmaceutical company like Teva was not interested in maintaining access to the governor as a result of a gift of that size,” said Andrew P. Miller, a former Democratic attorney general in Virginia, who now works as an energy industry lawyer and lobbyist, referring to Teva Pharmaceuticals, which bought Barr in 2008.

Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, wasted little time in starting to attack Mr. Kaine, branding him on Friday night as “corrupt Kaine” and continuing with the criticism during a Sunday morning news interview.

He took over $160,000 of gifts. And they said, well they weren’t really gifts. They were suits, and trips and lots of different things. Over $160,000,” Mr. Trump said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I think to me it is a big problem.”

The system is rigged. The system is corrupt. Emails once again provide proof. The more corrupt a politician is, the higher he rises:

Mr. Kaine’s acceptance of gifts has been reported on at times, dating back to when he was in the governor’s office. But an examination by The New York Times of archival email traffic from Mr. Kaine’s tenure as governor shows that he received gifts, in some cases, around the same time he and his staff were considering official government requests from these donors.

In Barr’s case, the email records show that executives from the company asked Mr. Kaine to intervene with the Food and Drug Administration on its behalf in August 2006, just days before the flight to Aspen for a meeting of the Democratic Governors Association, later valued at $12,000 in Mr. Kaine’s disclosure report.

Mr. Kaine signed the letter to the F.D.A. — a draft of which had been written by Barr — as requested before leaving on the trip, and a company lobbyist suggested that he was prepared to follow up during the plane ride.

“The Gov will be on a plane on Friday with Phil Smith,” Eileen Filler-Corn, an aide to the governor, wrote in an August 2006 email, after she had met with Mr. Smith, then a lobbyist from Barr. “Phil will likely speak with to Gov about him sending a letter in support of the petition in Aspen this weekend, hence this email to ya’ll.”

State records compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project show that a total of 139 companies or individuals gave about 220 gifts or reimbursements for travel to Mr. Kaine to work-related conferences while he served as governor from 2006 to 2010 and lieutenant governor from 2002 to 2006. Amy Dudley, a spokeswoman for Mr. Kaine, said that two-thirds of the filings were in the work-related travel category, and that Mr. Kaine was careful to disclose any gift, even if it was from a family friend, which is not required under the law.

Only in a corrupt, rigged system is the excuse accepted that the bribe is OK because it is reimbursement for a trip. A public official in our corrupt, rigged system, can ride a private plane for free to Shangri-La for a month of utopian vacation, then claim he did a minute of work and called it “work-related” travel.

The system is rigged, corrupt. For the ruling political class, bribery is a work-related gift. The ruling class makes decisions which loot the treasury extorted from the taxpaying citizens. The taxpayer is forced to pay taxes and the ruling class loots the treasury like thugs in Ferguson loot liquor stores.

The system is rigged, corrupt, in need of an Avenger to strike it down.

Only the ruling class, like Tim Kaine, former Lt. Governor, former Governor, current U.S. Senator, get free $18,000 vacations:

Other major gifts came from personal friends, including a weeklong stay, worth $18,000, in 2005 shortly after Mr. Kaine was elected governor on the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique, provided by James B. Murray Jr., a Virginia-based venture capitalist specializing in telecommunications investments, who also donated $45,000 to Mr. Kaine’s election campaign and to a political action committee affiliated with Mr. Kaine. Mr. Murray owned an oceanside estate named Les Jolies Eaux — which boasts five bedrooms, two pools and, at least nowadays, a chef, butler, housekeeper, maid and gardener, according to a rental listing — that was designed for Princess Margaret, countess of Snowdon, the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. [snip]

But the emails reviewed by The Times reflect a sensitivity about the gifts and the public’s perception of them on the part of Mr. Kaine’s aides.

When Mr. Kaine’s press secretary in December 2009 took a newspaper reporter and photographer to a so-called gift room in Capitol Square in Richmond, senior staff members scrambled to quickly end the session. A few days earlier, the governor had proposed an income tax increase, increasing staff members’ anxiety about the appearance of an article focusing on gifts.

This is a terrible story,” Lynda Tran, Mr. Kaine’s communications director, wrote to Mr. Turnage, then the governor’s chief of staff. “I would certainly not have advised depicting the governor as hoarding gifts in a room.

In some case, the gifts came from people or companies that were actively lobbying the state on matters in which Mr. Kaine’s office was involved.

The taxpaying peasants must be kept in the dark about the high living of the ruling class. RAISE TAXES, HOARD GIFTS, TIM KAINE.

The ruling political class discloses the corruption in forms so that makes the corruption and cronyism OK in their minds. It is never-ending Kaine corruption:

At the time McCandlish Holton, the Richmond-based law and lobbying firm, gave Mr. Kaine four cases of wine, it represented the Virginia Wineries Association and worked closely with Mr. Kaine’s office to negotiate a compromise between the vineyards and wine wholesalers that resulted in legislation passed in 2007 and signed by Mr. Kaine, said Terri Cofer Beirne, the lobbyist who handled the matter.

“He was quite helpful,” Ms. Beirne said of Mr. Kaine and his staff.

This was hardly a new relationship: Mr. Kaine had worked at the law firm before he was elected lieutenant governor. The email records show several email exchanges between Ms. Beirne and Mr. Kaine’s staff, as the industry worked to enact the provisions detailed in the new law, necessary after a court ruling declaring Virginia farm winery laws unconstitutional.

Tim Kaine worked for the “Richmond-based law and lobbying firm” that later on continued the circle of corruption. It is a circle of systemic rigged corruption. Why do you think that Tim Kaine ran for office in the first place as he toiled at McCandlish Holton – who do you think wanted Tim Kaine to run? The corrupt raise the corrupt.

The system is so rigged, so corrupt, we need a guillotine.

Before the Kansas flight, the governor’s aides received a request from Barr’s chief executive for time with the governor to discuss pending legislation, an email shows. The same email among aides mentioned the upcoming plane ride to Kansas courtesy of Barr.

“The ability to fly on a private aircraft saves the state money,” Ms. Dudley said, adding that the trips were generally for state government-related matters. [snip]

The trip paid for by Dominion in April 2006 allowed Mr. Kaine to attend the N.C.A.A. basketball tournament in Indianapolis as well as a funeral there for a former state legislator, records show.

“We fully reported it and expected nothing in return,” Chet G. Wade, a Dominion spokesman, said in a statement.

Tim Kaine, a funeral, followed by a basketball tournament. The political ruling class at play.

Tim Kaine is a member in good standing of the corrupt ruling class rigged system that loots the taxpayer. Time Kaine is not the only member in good standing of the corrupt ruling class rigged system that loots the taxpayer:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The streets are freshly swept, the hotel rooms are pristine, the party invitations have gone out and extra police patrols are assigned.

Philadelphia is ready for the Democratic National Convention. [snip]

-In June, a longtime Philadelphia congressman, Chaka Fattah, was convicted of laundering federal grants and nonprofit funds to repay an illegal $1 million campaign loan and help family and friends.

-Last year, former state Treasurer Rob McCord left office and pleaded guilty to attempted extortion in a campaign fundraising scandal.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is awaiting trial on charges that she unlawfully leaked secret grand jury material to a newspaper and then lied about it under oath.

And those are just the high profile cases.

The former sheriff of Philadelphia has been charged with conspiracy; traffic judges have been convicted of ticket-fixing; state lawmakers have admitted taking bribes.

Jeff Jubelirer, a communications consultant who has worked on Republican campaigns, said these cases send a message about this overwhelmingly Democratic city, which could provide grist for presidential nominee Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans as the general election draws near.

“From a messaging standpoint, it lines up well for the Trump forces to say crooked Hillary and crooked Philadelphia,” Jubelirer said. “I think we will absolutely see that as we head into the fall.” [snip]

Former Gov. Ed Rendell, D-Pa., said he wasn’t worried about the scandals. “We had corruption in 2012 and Barack Obama carried the city by 468,000 votes,” Rendell said.

He said some of this was what you get in “big city politics,” adding that the one-party dominance in Philadelphia can breed corruption. [snip]

It’s where congressmen and other elected officials were caught taking illicit cash payments in the Abscam sting operation in the 1970s. During that investigation, then-Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers was caught on tape, saying: “Money talks in this business and bull—- walks.” [snip]

Over the past decade, former state Sen. Vince Fumo, a Democrat, went to prison for defrauding the state Senate, a South Philadelphia nonprofit and a seaport museum of millions of dollars. Former City Councilman Rick Mariano got prison time for taking bribes.

Tonight the corruption will continue.

July 26th, 2016

#DemConvention Night 2: #Hillary2016 Features Irresponsible Moms Of Black Thugs At #DemsInPhilly

Update: Our impressions of Bill Clinton’s speech tonight match those found HERE (regarding what he should have said and what he failed to do) and HERE (on the overall failure of Bill Clinton’s dotage).


Tonight, in the shadow of a Muslim terrorist beheading of an 84 year old French priest in France, the irresponsible mothers of black thugs are in control in the City of Brotherly Love.

Trayvon Martin was a thug. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school. Trayvon Martin, the thug who loved to fight and was suspended from school, was dumped by his irresponsible mother (notice her second name, Sybrina Fulton and understand the family values in this family) onto his irresponsible father. The irresponsible father gave thug Trayvon Martin money. Then the irresponsible father of thug Trayvon Martin left Trayvon the thug to his own devices so daddy could go out cavorting with a girlfriend in Miami. Trayvon Martin the thug then went out and tried to beat up a Latino man with a gun. Trayvon Martin the thug opened a door and a bullet came through that door and finished off thug Travon Martin.

Lezley McSpadden also has a second name different from her son’s second name. This irresponsible mother also had a thug for a son. Lezley McSpadden was the mother of Michael Brown, the thug who terrorized Ferguson, Missouri. Thug Michael Brown robbed a minority store owner. Thug Michael Brown then walked in the middle of the street with his stolen goods. Thug Michael Brown then insulted a police officer who told thug Michael Brown to get off the street. Thug Michael Brown attacked the police officer.

Thug Michael Brown and his thug friend tried to intimidate the police officer. Thug Michael Brown then tried to take the police officer’s gun. Thug Michael Brown refused to obey the law. Thug Michael Brown charged at the police officer. Thug Michael Brown charged the police officer and the police officer warned him to stop. Thug Michael Brown refused to listen to the police officer. Thug Michael Brown continued to charge at the police officer even after the police officer fired shots to try to stop thug Michael Brown. Thug Michael Brown opened a door and a bullet came through that door and finished off thug Michael Brown.

Thug Michael Brown was not alone that day. Thug Michael Brown had a thug friend by his side. Michael Brown’s mother was nowhere to be found. Thug Michael Brown’s friend accused the police of racism. Thug Michael Brown’s friend lied and said Michael Brown put his hands up to surrender to the police when the police officer shot him. Michael Brown’s thug friend lied. Michael Brown’s thug friend fathered the racist organization Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter is a racist organization created by the lie “hands up, don’t shoot”. Thug Michael Brown did not have his “hands up”. Michael Brown was a thug. Michael Brown’s friend was a thug. Michael Brown’s mother was irresponsible and nowhere to be found as Michael Brown became a thug.

Black thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown terrorize decent black people. The response from the black community is shameful. The black community turns thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown into heroes. The black community should celebrate each time a black thug is killed.

We remember when Hillary Clinton was against black thugs and all thugs. But tonight, the DNC, Hillary2016, and Hillary Clinton will celebrate and honor black thugs and their irresponsible black mothers.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton once waged war for decent black people and attacked black thugs and thugs of all colors.

Tonight Bill Clinton will speak to the corrupt DNC. Bill Clinton once fought for the decent black community and against the thugs Hillary Clinton denounced as “superpredators”. Bill Clinton when he was great attacked thugs and irresponsible mothers and fathers. Bill Clinton is no longer great. Bill Clinton tonight will appear alongside irresponsible race-baiting mothers of black thugs who call themselves “Mothers of the Movement”. It’s a bowel movement.

Make Bill Clinton Great Again. Denounce black thug superpredators. Stand up for decent, law-abiding citizens. Denounce thugs. Denounce black thugs. Denounce Mothers of this bowel Movement.

July 25th, 2016

#DemsInPhilly #FeelTheBern #DNCLeak #BernieMustDisavow: #Hillary2016 Corruption And What Goes Around

Update: The sexist, homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Bernie Sanders email leaks flung the DNC into a chaotic pit. The defense by Hillary2016, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton has been “blame Russia”. The excuse is that Russia should not involve itself in American politics even though there is no proof positive the Russians are responsible. This is a pungent defense of mendacity.

The DNC, Hillary2016, Hillary Clinton, are engaged in distraction. They are right that if the Russians are involved in internal American politics that is a disgrace because outside nations should not involve themselves in the democratic processes of other nations. However, the DNC, Hillary2016, and Hillary Clinton are hypocrites and liars. The Russians did not write those emails. The Russians by comparison are innocent little children being naughty by comparison. Who is the worst? Barack Obama.

Barack Obama flew across the ocean to attack the British pro-Brexit voters. Barack Obama directly interfered in those elections. The DNC, Hillary2016, and Hillary Clinton, remained silent on Obama’s direct intervention in a British/European Union election.

Barack Obama via the State Department GAVE AMERICAN TAXPAYER MONEY to anti Benyamin Netanyahu groups in the Israeli elections. The direct intervention in the Israeli elections by Barack Obama against Netanyahu was bigger and more nefarious than was reported but Hillary Clinton, Hillary2016, the DNC never said a word. Hypocrites and liars.

The #NeverTrump fat buffoon Erick Erickson is using the DNC, Hillary2016, Hillary Clinton talking points to attack Donald J. Trump in a most foolish way:

I have said repeatedly, over and over, ad nauseum that I do not believe Donald Trump will win the Presidency. Yes, it has always been possible, but it has been very, very improbable that this would happen. I have also said repeatedly that events can change things. And events are now changing things rapidly.

Those rapidly changing events are a staggering intervention into the political process by aggressive Trump supporters I never anticipated and only in the last few months realize they were there. They have mobilized, are unwavering in their support, and will say and do anything to get Trump elected.

Hillary Clinton has no such effort on her part. The people supporting Hillary Clinton are mostly supporting her because she is not Trump. But Trump now has a loyal, highly expert group of foot soldiers who are not anti-Clinton, but very pro-Trump. In a 50-50 nation, these loyal foot soldiers may be enough to put Trump over the edge.

They have just leaked damning emails about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The weekend of the start of the Democratic National Convention, the Russian hackers via Wikileaks have turned the Democratic convention upside down. The DNC Chair is out. The Sanders supporters are now on the verge of street violence in Philadelphia that did not happen in Cleveland.

I suspect that there will be a Russian hacker engineered October surprise where they dump all the emails they swiped from Hillary Clinton’s server throwing her more fully into chaos and damage control. They will put Clinton on defense in ways she has never been. I would not be surprised if the Clinton Foundation is likewise hacked.

All the while, the GOP will cheer it on because their team is winning and they will completely ignore the national security and national integrity questions arising from a Vladimir Putin backed foreign army of hactivists actively working to undermine Hillary Clinton in order to get Donald Trump in the White House.

That has to be the most foolish anti-Trump argument ever: ‘I was completely wrong and now I realize Trump can win so vote against Trump because the Russians like him and they’re being naughty so vote against Trump to punish the Russians.’

The NeverTrump and Blame Bernie crowd are in chaos. Last night a Moose in high heels almost declared her presidential intentions and along with Pocahontas, Paul Simon, Sarah Silverman, Al Franken, and Bernie Sanders himself, thought they beat the Sanders’ supporters into submission. But today, reality. The chaos continued this morning at the Texas delegation as Bernie Sanders supporters kept up their outrage.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.


Old Socialist loser Bernie Sanders should tell the corrupt DNC, Hillary2016, and Hillary Clinton, to go to Hell. In 2008, after the Dem Rules Committee stole Hillary delegates won in the Michigan election and gave them to Barack Obama who was not even on the ballot, Hillary Clinton should have told the DNC and Barack Obama to go to Hell.

Old Socialist loser Bernie Sanders won’t tell the DNC, Hillary2016, nor Hillary Clinton, to go to Hell because he, like a good smart Socialist, is in this only for personal profit and personal glory. Bernie Sanders tells his own supporters to go to Hell.

The Obama Party and the DNC conspired to steal this election from Bernie Sanders. We repeatedly wrote that Bernie Sanders never had a chance because we remembered 2008 and that stolen election. In 2016 the DNC fixed the primary calendar and limited debates to help Hillary Clinton win the nomination. In 2008 the debate calendar, prepared earlier but designed by conspiratorial Obama supporters Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean, focused on states and issues that helped Barack Obama – and every debate focused on race issues, not a single debate concerned “women’s issues” that might have helped Hillary2008. In addition the DNC of 2008 under Howard Dean engaged in every sexist misogyny they could concoct. In 2008 the Journolist list serve likewise conspired to gift Barack Obama the nomination and destroy Hillary Clinton.

This year the debate calendar was likewise fixed and the DNC did everything it could to destroy Bernie Sanders. Likewise, the RNC fixed this election for Jeb Bush, but once Donald Trump got in, their best laid corrupt plans were laid waste. Donald J. Trump won his nomination fair and square and #NeverTrump is a small collection of sore losers pining for lost power. Donald J. Trump beat the fixed system. Bernie Sanders’ supporters got Berned by the fixed system.

Some Bernie Sanders supporters are fighting back with a lawsuit against the corrupt DNC. We wish them well, but the system is so rigged, so corrupt… well, we wish them well, congratulate them on their fighting spirit, and advise them not to follow Old Socialist losers in the future.

As to Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton, it cannot be denied that Hillary Clinton is the knowing, willful, co-conspirator, and beneficiary of the DNC corruption. But we warn: What goes around, comes around.

Hillary2016 is the biggest mess of a political campaign we have ever seen. The New York Times agrees. It is still, after what we wrote years ago, a “muddled message mess”. It’s not just that Hillary Clinton is walking around in a fog. It is that the corruption is undeniable. How else to explain Hillary2016’s hire of the corrupt and stupid Debbie Water-carrier Schultz?

Sgt. Debbie Schultz resigned and the DNC convention is exposed as the disunited mess it is. At a Florida delegation meeting Sgt. Schultz was denounced as she tried to speak.

Hillary Clinton permits Sgt. Schultz to speak to the convention tonight? Is Hillary mentally feeble? The torrent of boos will be a loop of video that will demonstrate to the nation the mess the party is in and will be what the public will see. Let alone, Sgt. Wasserman Schultz permitted the Jew baiting of Bernie Sanders. And that “no homo” email. And all the other emails. Hells Bells there’s even an email chain among top Democrats at the DNC that confirms Donald Trump was right about the Lee Harvey Oswald/Ted Cruz father picture. Yet, Hillary Clinton intends to allow her new hire at Hillary2016 to speak to the convention???

Even worse, Donna Brazile will head the DNC? Donna Brazile, the pig that attacked this website repeatedly during the 2008 election cycle because she wanted Barack and hated Hillary? That Brazile? Donna Brazile who stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back, as Tim Kaine did, in 2008? That Brazile? Donna Brazile who also attacked Bernie Sanders in previously secret emails from the DNC? That Brazile? Hillary Clinton is either mentally feeble or enjoys abuse. There is no one who abuses Hillary Clinton that she will not reward.

Tonight, Bernie Sanders will join Hillary in the “reward abusers” club as he endorses Hillary Clinton.

* * * * * *

Tonight, a moose in high heels will be the first to address the convention. This will be the person that we have talked about for a long while now. Following the Paul Ryan playbook Michelle Obama pretends to disdain what she craves.

Barack Obama wants Michelle Obama to be the nominee of the party. To be more precise, Barack Obama wants to retain full control of the party even if he is out of office. That’s what this is all about. The question for Barack Obama, hidden behind tapestries, is: How to maintain control of the party even out of office?

To maintain control of the party, squirrelly Barack Obama and Moose will remain in Washington, D.C. after he leaves office.

For a long time we have written that Barack Obama and the kooks do not want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.

This denial of the nomination to Hillary Clinton won’t be easy. There is a lot of juggling of interests and circumstances, and events, behind the tapestry. For instance, squirrel and moose did not expect Donald J. Trump to be the GOP nominee and they certainly did not anticipate Trump would be so strong in the polls (CNN today has Trump at 44%, Hillary 39%). Barack Obama cannot afford President Donald J. Trump investigations into Obama term corruptions. So Trump has to be juggled into the considerations.

When to strike? Timing is everything. There are scenarios to prepare for, scenarios to react to, scenarios to the unexpected, and scenarios when scenarios go bad. As we wrote:

Picture this scenario: Just before the convention, or during the convention, something happens to derail Hillary Clinton. Maybe that’s why after Obama met with Bernie Sanders yesterday he then met with the Attorney General to lynch Hillary? At this point, after something derails Hillary, Bernie Sanders says he should be the nominee. Joe Biden says he should be the nominee. Corrupt Cuomo and others think they should be the nominee. Up steps Barack and says “I supported Hillary (after she had the delegates and did not need me) and campaigned with Hillary. But Hillary has got to go. We also cannot afford the chaos of so many candidates running. So here’s my candidate which I have not plotted for years to nominate no matter what HillaryIs44 says!” Barack can add “Hillary will not object to this and as proof look how I stole delegates from her in 2008 and the bitch still backed me.”

Of course it might be easier to replace Hillary after the convention, away from the public eye, as was done to Tom Eagleton.

Before, during, after the convention, all Hillary Clinton can expect from Barack Obama is treachery. Why Hillary Clinton embraces this bloodsucking mosquito and his disaster economic failures is a mystery.

More scenarios to consider. The F.B.I. is now investigating the DNC email hack. The F.B.I is now investigating whether Hillary’s testimony to congress was perjurious (we predict the F.B.I. will punt). But the great fear for Hillary2016 and Hillary Clinton comes from overseas.

It is not just the daily Muslim terrorism that strengthens Donald J. Trump. Last month Julian Assange threatened more Hillary Clinton emails to be released. This past weekend’s email DNC emails is not what Assange referred to. There are more emails to come. From Hillary’s private server. About the Clinton Global Initiative and financing.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, hidden behind the tapestries to plot and scheme, have a lot to consider. They have Hillary Clinton in chains. Whatever Hillary does, Moose and squirrel win.

Moose and squirrel cannot afford a Donald J. Trump presidency. Investigations. Crime commissions. Special prosecutors. Moose and squirrel do not want Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama to be followed by Clinton. Obama followed by a Clinton would mock the “transformational” Obama. Moose and squirrel will not risk a Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton escape from their clutches and then to take the DNC and their power away from them. So they wait, and plot, and construct “opportunities” as they keep an eye on Trump – The Final Avenger.

We too will watch and wait as the tapestry moves. This week and beyond the plots and counter-plots will be woven at great speed.

The problem with a fixed election is that they can be unfixed against you. What goes around comes around.

July 22nd, 2016

Great News From The #TrumpTrain; Dump Paul Ryan; Kaine Mutiny; #FeelTheBern Bad News For Bernie ‘The Jew’ Sanders Viz #Hillary2016

Disgusting news, great news, and the next tasks, are what we write about today. First, the GOP convention is over and Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee. A New Republican Party is born.

What are the first tasks for Trump supporters? We think the smart Trump supporters and those happy with the New Republican Party have to fight alongside Donald J. Trump in every state as well as do one other really important task: Dump Paul Ryan. The time is now. Dubious polls look good for Dump Paul Ryan voters. But win or lose, the time is now to shave Paul Ryan from the House of Representatives.

A President Trump does not need a Speaker Ryan. President Trump needs a leader in the House, not a mouse. Dump Ryan.

The strength of the Trump revolution is what kept Mullah Ryan in check. Did anyone notice that when the roll call of states for the nomination began the RNC and the Trump loyalists kept Paul Ryan off the stage? When Paul Ryan finally was allowed back on stage it was only because RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was there too, making sure Paul Ryan could not gum up the works.

Mullah Ryan must go. The Trump convention went well because Mullah Ryan was kept in check.

Mullah Ryan was kept in a cage at the convention. Donald Trump’s convention allowed Donald J. Trump to be the star. Donald J. Trump was the star and he shone brightly.

Big Media declared Trump a “dark” star. In just about every Big Media outlet the scam was the same: “dark”. The professor at Legal Insurrection, who hates Trump, noted how the “dark” came to be:

Media parrots Clinton campaign attack on Trump speech – “dark”

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night was a hit with viewers, as Yahoo News reported:

The majority of viewers who watched Donald Trump’s speech to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night said it made them more likely to vote for him in November, according to a CNN/ORC instant poll.

The poll found that 56% of speech viewers were more likely to vote for the New York businessman after seeing him formally accept the Republican nomination. [snip]

Overall, 57% of viewers said they had a “very positive” reaction to Trump’s speech. Meanwhile, 18% said they were “somewhat positive” and 24% said it had a “negative effect.”

A positive speech but immediately, Big Media began to repeat the word “dark”. Communist Van Jones at CNN and Jake Tapper used the word “dark”. BuzzFeed, NYTimes, Rolling Stone ragazine, all used the word “dark” to describe Trump’s speech. The New Yorker, The Nation, Huffington Post, all went “dark” too. Orlando Sentinel, Bloomberg News, NBC, all “dark” “dark” “dark” as did Slate and ABC. The #NeverTrump Republicans likewise denounced the New Republican Party speech as “dark” too.

Many of these losers argued that Donald J. Trump’s “dark” speech compared unfavorably to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America” speech. But as has been pointed out by a demented Trump hater who happens to be right about this, the Reagan “Morning In America” speech was made at his reelection convention when Reagan relished all he had accomplished.

Four years earlier, when Reagan successfully first ran for president in 1980 however, Reagan, like Donald J. Trump, described a very realistic picture of America in decay. Trump recycled Reagan’s “Let’s Make America Great” slogan against Jimmy Carter into today’s “Make America Great Again”. Reagan and Trump are not being “dark”. It’s reality. Look at Munich today.

Speaking of Reagan, Pat Buchanan agrees with what we have been writing, that a New Repubican Party is born. Buchanan recalls Reagan to denounce Ted Cruz and applaud Donald J. Trump:

Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

The self-righteousness and smugness of Ted Cruz in refusing to endorse Donald Trump, then walking off stage in Cleveland, smirking amidst the boos, takes the mind back in time.

At the Cow Palace in San Francisco in July of 1964, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, having been defeated by Barry Goldwater, took the podium to introduce a platform plank denouncing “extremism.” [snip]

Rocky was finished. He would never win the nomination.

Richard Nixon took another road, endorsed Goldwater, spoke for him in San Francisco, campaigned for him across America. And in 1968, with Goldwater’s backing, Nixon would rout Govs. George Romney and Rockefeller, and win the presidency, twice.

Sometimes, loyalty pays off.

About Cruz, a prediction: He will not be the nominee in 2020. He will never be the nominee. If Trump wins, Cruz is cooked. If Trump loses, his people will not forget the Brutus who stuck the knife in his back. [snip]

Yet, beyond the denunciations of Trump and disavowals of his candidacy, something larger is going on here.

The Goldwaterites were not only dethroning the East Coast liberal establishment of Rockefeller, but saying goodbye to the Republicanism of President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon.

Something new was being born, and births are not a pretty sight.

What was being born was a new Republican Party. [snip]

The crisis of today’s Republican Party stems from a failure to recognize, after Reagan went home, and during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, that America now faced a new set of challenges.

By 1991, America’s border was bleeding. [snip].

By 1991, free trade had begun to send our factories and jobs overseas and de-industrialize America.

By 1991, an epoch in world history had ended. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the Cold War was suddenly over. America had prevailed.

“As our case is new,” said Lincoln, “so we must think anew and act anew.” Bush Republicans did not think anew or act anew. [snip]

With Trump’s triumph, the day of reckoning has arrived.

The new GOP is not going to be party of open borders, free trade globalism or reflexive interventionism.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth are justified.

For these self-righteous folks are all getting eviction notices. They are being dispossessed of their home.

Buchanan provides examples of the fear and prejudices that kept the GOP from growing once Reagan departed the scene. Now Trump has smashed the old order and a New Republican Party is born.

This is all great news. The eviction notices are posted. The worthless men of the old GOP are kicked out in the streets. Some, like Daniel Pipes, have fled. Good riddance:

Daniel Pipes: Why I just quit the Republican Party [snip]

Fourth, the conservative movement, to which I belong, has developed since the 1950s into a major intellectual force. It did so by building on several key ideas (limited government, a moral order, and a foreign policy reflecting American interests and values). But the cultural abyss and constitutional nightmare of a Trump presidency will likely destroy this delicate creation. Ironically, although a Hillary Clinton presidency threatens bad Supreme Court justices, it would leave the conservative movement intact.

Daniel Pipes is blowing smoke. He is a loser from a loser party. Donald J. Trump is the New Republican Party.

Daniel Pipes wants to live in the past. The Cold War was his womb. He wants to go back. But a New Republican Party is born and will never go back.

As to going back, Daniel Pipes is just like an Obama Dimocrat in old Republican clothing. Just take a look at what those Dims are doing. The Obama Dimocrat Party plotted to plant phony advertisements on Craigslist, to smear Donald J. Trump. That comes from the latest batch of Wikileaks documents released today.

Also from Wikileaks is Bernie “the Jew” Sanders:

New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

Among the nearly 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee, released Friday by Wikileaks and presumably provided by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” is a May 2016 message from DNC CFO Brad Marshall. In it, he suggested that the party should “get someone to ask” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about his religious beliefs.

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.

The Obama Dimocrat Southern Baptist is Jew baiting. For political profit. In Kentucky and West Virginia. Because Bernie Sanders was doing well in those two states. Jew baiting for political profit. The Obama Dimocrat Party. Will Hillary Clinton demand Jew Baiter Brad Marshall be fired and a full investigation conducted in public to purge the party of Jew baiters who smear Southern Baptists, Kentucky, and West Virginia?

Will Hillary2016 demand an investigation into foreign money and her campaign? We doubt it.

A needed purge of Jew baiters at the DNC will not take place. There are too many troubles for Hillary2016. We’ll discuss the problems of Hillary2016 and who the Obama Dimocrat Party will nominate next week when the convention begins. But we can’t resist putting out a plate of appetizers.

Today was the day Hillary Clinton was supposed to announce a VP pick. Cory Booker is supposed to be on that list. But Cory Booker is a black man and his selection would make a great temptation for those who want to get rid of Hillary. Cory Booker would be a catastrophe.

Elizabeth Warren, the squaw from Cambridge is a problem too. Barack Obama hates Warren so that selection would make Obama squawk. Obama would have to replace the entire slate with Warren as VP and Warren is too popular for Obama to tangle with. But Warren only brings trouble for Hillary and doesn’t really add anything to the ticket so Hillary has “reservations” about Warren.

The presumed selection for VP is the Obama supporter from 2008, the guy that stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back. Tim Kaine won’t help Hillary Clinton much. Liberals don’t like Kaine because Kaine the backstabber is not kook enough for them. But Hillary needs to win Virginia.

Virginia? Doesn’t Hillary have Virginia sewn up. Terry McAuliffe is governor of Virginia and a long time Clinton ally. But today Terry McAuliffe got some bad news:

Virginia court invalidates Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s order restoring felon voting rights

Obama Dimocrats cannot afford to lose Virginia. The New Republican Party can win Virginia. This is all good news for and from the TrumpTrain.